Surviving infidelity series: Enjoying Life After Infidelity

The following story is of a woman who was completely shocked after her husband cheated on her after 28 years of marriage. This was an extremely traumatic and life changing experience for this woman and her children. Although she felt she had lost her soulmate, she has moved on and gains a little more strength every day.

When my ex-husband told me he was ‘talking to someone’, I thought he meant a shrink or therapist, until he opened up completely. I had no idea whatsoever that he was even the least bit unhappy after 28 years of marriage. It was right before Christmas in 2005 when he broke the news. We stayed in bed crying the entire week. I couldn’t eat, work or sleep. All I could do was cry. He called & set up marital counseling immediately. He would tell the counselor how much he loved me & that he wanted to make things work. He even told me to cancel our 6th & last appointment b/c we didn’t need it, that we were doing great. Only for me to find out later that this was all a lie too, that before or after counseling, he was going to his mistress. After he called me by her name, I exploded, I just knew my life was over, that I couldn’t possibly live without him. So, in a very, very weak moment, I took over 90 pills b/c I just wanted to end the pain of thinking that I’d be living without my soulmate, my rock, my everything. After a few days in the hospital, I decided, along with the help of my beautiful son & daughter and many friends & family that he was not worth it and that I WAS. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him & want to call him or have his arms around me, but I get stronger & stronger b/c I have to for me. I know that he gave up everything, the kids, the house, the life we had for a life that was unknown. He hasn’t talked to our daughter in 3 years and rarely talks to our son. When he does talk to our son he just whines about being broke, which is also a lie but for some reason he is still trying to manipulate us. Well, it doesn’t work anymore. We won’t let it. He chose this life & we chose to move on. It’s harder than heck some days, but I get thru somehow. With the help of my doctor, an anti-depressant, exercise (yoga & walking) working and keeping busy with friends & family, I get thru it one day at a time. With each day, comes a little more strength and confidence that I can make living by myself and a wonderful cat that just happened to come into my life one day. I’m getting into my own routine now & I like it. I’m enjoying life once again.

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