Learn from Becky How Meeting His Needs Doesn’t Always Work

Learn How “Meeting His/Her Needs” Won’t Work with a Narcissist and How You can Effectively Rattle His/Her Cage to Save Your Sanity and Perhaps the Marriage

What follows is a LIVE taped case study of a coaching session with Becky and Dr. Huizenga. Dr. Huizenga’s summary of the session and link to the audio session is below.

You will learn:

Why “meeting the needs” of a narcissist doesn’t work How you can effectively rattle his/her cage to save your sanity and perhaps the marriage


Summary of Becky’s Circumstances

Becky’s life is turned upside down.

She feels the deep pain and the heaviness of the possibility of losing her family, her beautiful house, her financial security and a peaceful life for her daughter.

Her husband admits to the affair that started over the internet and is laced with in-your-face sexuality.

Becky has worked hard to meet his needs, avoid conflict and placate him with the hope she could win him back. Confronting him with the “truth” elicited strong anger and criticism of her.

Becky believed she was facing the “I fell out of love and just love being in love” type of affair described in Break Free From the Affair

Dr. Huizenga’s (partial) notes and summaries of the session

1. “Meeting the needs” of a narcissist doesn’t work. You are asking for trouble. “Meeting his/her needs only fans the narcissism. The underlying message is, “Yes, you (the narcissist) really are entitled to receive everything. You are the center of the universe. Whatever you want is yours. You deserve it.” The narcissist expects more. And more. And more.

A couple other dynamics play themselves out. First, seldom does the narcissist reciprocate the need meeting process. It’s not intentional. S/he just never thinks about it. After all, others are to serve him/her.


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