Infidelity: How Can I Compete with the Other Person – a Blond Bombshell?

How Can I Compete with a 29 Year Old Blond Bombshell?

Learn: the middle ground whereby Fiona reclaims her power and hope for the marriage

Here’s Fiona’s story:

I have been married to my best friend for 9 years (anniversary next week actually) and I recently found out he’d been having an affair with a woman he works with. I’ve known something was wrong for the last 6 months because he was treating me badly – unheard of for him.

For the last 2 years he has gone off sex in a big way but I put that down to pressures at work, then around October last year he started being dismissive of me, criticizing everything I did, allowing his mother to run me down and undermine my authority with our 4 year old daughter. Time and time again I begged him to tell me what was wrong – even going so far as to say “if you’re attracted to someone just tell me and we can work through it together” but he swore there was no-one else and he was just “going through a rough patch”.

Over Xmas he was so distant, not joining in with me and our child, not taking a single photo – unheard of for him as he’s always snapping away with the camera. Then he disappeared for 10 minutes while shopping at the sales but had no explanation of where he’d been.

Then in mid January I looked on his mobile phone, telling myself that I was mad to imagine something was going on and this would prove it to me. I was wrong. There was her latest message, saying how much she would miss him over Xmas, how she wanted him to “get in touch when u can” and appreciating “how difficult it is” for him. My world stopped, I nearly threw up.

Then I confronted him and he denied all knowledge – “she’s just a friend” and even “she’s a lesbian going through a rough patch with her partner and I empathized and we’ve been texting each other as we’re going through the same thing”.

The next day I called her and told her that I knew all about their relationship and it had to stop because there was a small child involved, it wasn’t just him and her. She was silent then said “but we’re not having an affair”. I told her to stay away from my family and hung up.

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