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Is Marital Infidelity Killing Your Marriage?

You want to save your marriage? Even though your spouse has betrayed you and you are filled with hurt, anger and pain? Or, Perhaps you are in the midst of infidelity, want out and are wondering if it’s possible to save the marriage?

You are not alone! A burning first question is: Can my marriage be saved?

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For thoughtful people, ending the marriage is a difficult, painful, expensive and life-altering event. You really want your marriage to be the place where you find love, richness, companionship and powerful intimacy.

But…can it happen? Now? After all that’s taken place? Is it worth all the energy and effort you must give? Can you have what you had? What will it look like? Will you ever be able to trust? Will thoughts of the other person ever fade?

Is the Infidelity in your Marriage a “wake up call” or “death knell?”

Here’s the bottom line: Whether your marriage can be saved depends on the kind of marital infidelity facing you.

Some infidelity is a wake-up call for the marriage. I’ve seen couples revitalize and create great marriages in the aftermath. Actually, marital infidelity was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Sometimes infidelity is a death knell. Sorry, but it is. There are specific strategies you can try that might stop the marital infidelity, but the odds are against you. Your wisest decision may be to protect yourself, garner your strength, gather your resources, learn and move on.

FREE, that’s right FREE e-book: “Can Your Marriage Be Saved?”

I’ve been a therapist for over two decades, working with hundreds of people who struggle with infidelity in their marriage. From my experience, study and research I will share with you 7 different kinds marital infidelity and the odds for each in saving the marriage.

“Can Your Marriage Be Saved?” gives you a head start in beginning to understand EXACTLY what faces you.

The format not only gives you a brief description of each kind and the odds but also:

Key points that might surprise you and will certainly give you new insight.

Tips on how to deal with each affair. Some of these tips might run counter to what you expect. (hint: To break free from the affair you most likely must try different strategies than you presently use!)

“Can Your Marriage Be Saved?” is a beginning road map to save or at least resolve your marriage in a healthy way. (i.e. knowing when to be tough as nails and knowing when to offer forgiveness and compassion.)

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I look forward to your future newsletters. (My husband is aware I am getting information from this site and he is actually reading some of it! I hope it helps.)


Reading your newsletters really seems to help. I read it Monday night and by Tuesday, I felt really good. I felt like I could control everything and not have him in my thoughts every second.


I personally wish you the best.

With warm regards,


Dr. Bob Huizenga

P.S. Please know that I am available for you. Some people find the convenience of telecoaching to be a tremendous source of support and direction during this difficult time. Have you considered having your own coach? Check this out under personal guidance.

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