Infidelity Testimonials: Coping, Surviving and Recovering from the Agony of Marital Infidelity

Developing the ability and freedom to direct your own actions, to make decisions based upon what best fits your values and standards and is best for you and your family is an important step in recovery.

Read what others say:

Your information has been very helpful to me and I may be interested in the coaching classes. We are making progress. Jackie

Wish I had knew about the relationship much sooner and gotten this information then.

After reading about the type of affair she generated, my thoughts on the matter were confirmed. I guess reading the suggestions have caused me to step back and reevaluate my reactions. By having a better understanding, I am more able to direct my own actions accordingly.

Helped me to take control of my emotions – to find peace, not only for yourself but for him. Helped me to identify the type of affair, and whether to hold out any hope of reconciliation in its aftermath. Helped me to understand how to react to his emotions – charging neutral. Helped me to focus on ME!

I cannot thank you enough. Infidelity in a marriage is the absolute “Deal Breaker’ for me. Even though I decided to divorce my cheating husband, your advice was priceless. I kicked the lying asshole to the curb with grace and dignity. He’s currently looking for a way back into my life. Too bad, so sad. You helped me fall OUT of a non-existent love…. WITHOUT the silly drama. God Bless you! Mary

I just started implementing some of the strategies recently so it is a bit premature to comment… but I am feeling a lot better, more focused, less depression and anxiety spells. Spouse did notice change; it seems to be more passive now… I still can’t trust him.

A very good book. Thanks for all the wonderful advice. I really gives a lot of insight in a very difficult situation. It helped me tremendously.

I think Break Free from the Affair is fantastic. I think the more I move forward with myself and the more I reread, the more I will discover that the information I was looking for really is there.

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