Q&A – An Internet Affair….Again?

An Internet Affair…Again?

Got Trumped Playing Spades on the Internet

A former online spades player, who met his wife playing spades on the net is now experiencing deja vu.

Dear Dr. Bob,

I have been married for 10 months now. I met my wife playing spades on the internet then we started talking on the phone for hours and hours until I left CA. and moved to TN. with her we have a good relationship but now she spends so much time on the internet thats making me worried and I don’t like it when she talks in IM’s to strange guys or gets too close online with them. What should I do? The only thing we fight about is that I asked her many times not to get close to guys on the spades games. She tells me I’m being jealous she hides her computer so i can’t see what she is doing. All I hear is her typing on it. In games you click the mouse not type as much as she does. She was under her screen name on my computer so I looked at her mail. I saw something thats is bugging me very much. I saw that she had been talking to this guy and was telling him that she was going to call him when I go to work. What should I do?

My response:

As Yogi Berra once said, “This must seem like deja vu all over again.” It certainly appears that her behavior now on the net finds some parallels with how your relationship with her started? And, of course, you have a right to be concerned – here she goes again!

You describe behavior that could be labeled…

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