Affair Newsletter – Sexless Marriage and Infidelity

Sexless Marriage and Infidelity: How to get the intimacy back

Before you check out this newsletter on sexless marriages, please read the responses below to see how Break Free From the Affair has helped so many people on their journey through infidelity:

  • I realize that I have to take care of myself no matter what happens. I have concerns for my husband because he is going thru major mental and physical illness right now and I feel that I have to be forgiving of his actions. He has gone to this other person because he feels she understands what he is going thru and I don’t. He has totally cut himself off from me. I have not spoken to him or seen him for four weeks. This affair started a year ago. He confessed it to me in November and said it was ended. I then confront him in February when I found evidence he was seeing her again. He didn’t come home for three weeks. We seemed to be doing well, we were very intimate and loving to each other. Then he began to pull away, blaming his physical pain from preventing him from doing anything. He basically gave up. I tried to encourage him and help him thru this but it only got worse. Four weeks ago I came home to a three line note that said he really didn’t want to hurt me anymore. He was still in love with the OP and this was not fair to anyone. I have learned how to communicate with him. Even though it must be one side via text messages.
  • It helped to give me direction in stopping me from sabotaging my own success in trying to save my marriage, while helping me center myself and move forward with progress.
  • After much searching, Break Free From the Affair truly was the first thing that addressed what I was going through and spoke to me in a way that I could relate and understand.
  • It has helped me control my emotions and has given me the hope that we can get through this. Knowing what to say and when to say helps me feel like I have some control over the outcome of marriage instead of feeling helpless.
  • It gives some really great information on the types of affairs and things to help get thru them. I am too emotionally torn right now so I just keep reading.
  • I love it. I read it all in one evening…now I feel free, is all about being myself!
  • I was able to determine the cause of my affair.
  • It really helped our marriage. We are finally on the right track.
  • I understand my husband more and don’t blame myself. Have new ways to try to interact with him. have hope
  • I think the most important point is the advice to look after yourself. I had been worried for a while that my husband was having an affair. I had actually started to look at trying to be me rather than reacting to him and the situation be fore i challenged him with the proof that i knew.
  • Helps with clarifying some of the underlying issues I am facing. Affirms some of the movement I am craving and deciding to enact. Assures me that I am not the only one who has ever endured this painful experience…

An After-the-Affair Sexless Emotional Stalemate!

How do You Flip on the Intimacy Switch?This is David’s story. It is contained in one of my Laser Coaching Sessions. I will give you a link to the audio tape at the end of this article.

David describes a marriage where the emotional closeness switch was turned off years ago. He tried to look at the positive. After all, they were still having sex. David admitted he missed some of her subtle signals that all was not well. But the marriage continued.

A few months ago, through electronic snooping, David discovered his wife was having an affair. When confronted, she admitted the fact. From her perspective it was an emotional affair.

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