Affair Article – Sign of Infidelity: I Fell Out of Love…and just love being in love

I Fell Out of Love…and just love being in love

Dr. Robert Huizenga

Signs of Infidelity

He Loves Me….He Loves Me Not

“I’ve fallen out of love with you.” This is one of the most common reasons behind an individual’s infidelity, and one of the most common sign of infidelity. Most often than not, this actually points to a loss of sexual attraction in your partner’s side, and usually, he’s found someone else he’s attracted to as well.

There are different kinds of affairs – seven – that have come up in the past two decades of work as a therapist. And because they are different from one another, it would follow that each would have a different pattern or sign of infidelity.

If you look at these kinds closely and one by one, you will see that each kind has different ways of showing or presenting themselves.

One of the 7 different kinds of affairs is the “I fell out of love…and just love being in love,” and the following are a few insights regarding this sign of infidelity:

1. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride. Going through a situation like this will demand a lot from you, and as with everything else, things will usually get worse before they get better.

2. It will be difficult for you to deal with this sign of infidelity because you will see firsthand that your partner is focusing his all on this other relationship without any regard to how you’re feeling about it.

3. He may attempt to suck you into the drama more by telling you details about his relationship with this other person. Do your best to avoid conversations like this, and to keep a level head when he does catch you off guard with his stories.

4. Don’t be surprised to discover childish behavior as a sign of infidelity from your partner and the other person, like having pet names for each other or an exchange of love letters. The affair could be some kind of a late reaction to a lack of experience with relationships during adolescence.

5. You might hear him say that he “loves you but is not in love with you anymore.” This is very common with this sign of infidelity. It could be that he is saying this because he thinks this will prevent you from hurting too much, or maybe he is just afraid of completely letting go of the relationship.

6. Your partner could express his reluctance in ending your relationship, but never in a direct way. He may say things like “I love you but I’m not in love with you anymore” to keep you guessing about his next move, and to keep you from leaving.

7. Expect his feelings for this other person to fade and for their relationship not to last. Situations like this only get more complicated when there are more factors at play. If there are none, then it should resolve itself as quickly as it began.

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