Affair Newsletter – Overcoming an Unfaithful Spouse in Marriage

An unfaithful marriage can be heart wrenching, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life. Break Free From the Affair will provide you with the necessary tools to move beyond this devastation and into healing and hope.

Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach, asked his readers to express how they benefited from reading his ebook. Before reading this newsletter about narcissism, check out their responses below:

  • I gained a lot of insight in how to communicate better and identify the type of affair my boyfriend was having and why. I felt more empowered with skills to survive this.
  • The biggest epiphany was that the affair had nothing to do with me and it is my spouse’s problems. For the longest time, I thought it had everything to do with me. In fact, my situation has been improved tremendously based on reading Break Free. It has provided me with strength and understanding to live my life. Thank you very much for your insight!
  • I realized the many mistakes I made in thinking that my wife would care about my sorry state. She is in a different world, and I have to accept that. Logic in retrospect, but not when the emotions are raging.
  • I started reading it last night. I slept better and woke up determined to look after myself to start. I guess I am confronting an affair # 1 and I am very frightened that I won’t be able to hold my marriage together. My husband works in another country and that is where he has the other woman with whom he lives during the week, so I have no idea where I am standing.
  • I found that there is hope to break free from my unfaithful marriage.
  • I learned that a lot of my feelings and actions were reactive and your book helped me to stop, think, and reevaluate my moves.
  • It has allowed me to understand where my husband is at emotionally and allowed me to back off.
  • Identifying the type of affair was very helpful and the tips that went along with those. Also, the info on “break free from the affair and stop it now” was great. Any info that can help in getting your relationship back in order is great. This info really helped me personally, and helped me not to blame myself, but to work on myself to change things about me.
  • I felt empowered to be able to deal with the situation and had a clear focus of how to go about it.
  • Break Free From the Affair gave me some reassurances that I am not at fault…and how to make me better!!!
  • My Fiance’ cheated on me a year ago (3 months after he asked me to marry him). I decided to give our relationship another chance and I have been having a lot of issues with rebuilding trust and keep expecting him to break my heart again. I needed some guidance and support in letting the pain, mistrust and fear go so we can move on in our relationship. I don’t need to keep bringing it up, as all it does is cause turmoil and pain to both of us. Your book helped give me pointers and clarification that I am not going crazy and my feelings are just, but to move ahead. I need to have more confidence in, not only our relationship, but myself.
  • I now understand the different types of affair and character types of the perpetrators, I have identified some of my fears, I am moving to “7 steps to stop the affair” by working on me.

Is S/he Narcissistic?

After reading “Break Free From the Affair” I offer people an opportunity to respond to the e-book and ask their questions.

Here are a couple questions to which I respond.

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