Affair Newsletter – Infidelity Discovered? How to Calm Your Feelings

Infidelity Discovered? Use Break Free From the Affair to calm those powerful feelings and emotions to find instant relief and hope.

We’ve asked our Break Free readers to give us feedback regarding how this life changing ebook has helped them.

Here is what they had to say:

  • I now understand the different types of affairs and character types of the perpetrators. I have identified some of my fears, I am moving to “7 steps to stop the affair” by working on me.
  • It helped me with techniques on how to recover from the shock of infidelity, and it gave me a lot of hope for our future together. So far, so good!
  • Break Free From the Affair helped to send “neutral messages”, to go after an analysis of her open and hidden (latent) problems, on my problems in our common life rather than to extract all the truth, push, counseling, “work on relationship” or go to counseling (this failed last time).
  • I realized I wasn’t going mad and all was not lost. I felt less lonely and encouraged that good could come from this mess.
  • “Charging Neutral” was my saving grace. So difficult, but effective. It allowed me to get what I want without him even knowing. He is shocked and confused. And he’s wanting me to be still hurt. Not showing that emotion at all and it seems to be eating him.
  • Your E book helped me immensely. I live in Saudi Arabia and don’t have access to this kind of reading material. I am isolated with few Western friends and no family around me.
  • It has given me encouragement to keep working towards a better marriage – despite two years of absolute misery and despair!
  • My situation was helped by identifying what type of affair my partner has been having, and allowing me to realize that it’s not about me.
  • It has helped me in so many ways. Your ebook helped me to look at myself, how I have gone wrong at times, and to focus on being more positive, in general and in my relationship.
  • I learned about the different types of affairs, and I like the “Do you want to save your marriage ..or” statements.
  • I am getting stronger by the day since the infidelity was discovered, and I am truly thinking about whether we can be saved or not.
  • It gave me new ideas and direction in my time of confusion and need!! Also I think it projects a positive self image and awareness. I am going to try to exercise all the advice within and give my broken marriage all the help I can! It may very well be beyond repair. But I am not giving up hope!
  • Break Free gave me a wider perspective on the problem, made me realize there was nothing wrong with me, personally, and allowed me to extract myself from the predictable and destructive cycle of questioning. Once I realized the problem and mistake were hers, it helped me get a grip on things and move forward. It also helped to see that my marriage was something worth saving.

Infidelity Discovered: Why S/he Won’t Tell Me the Truth?

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Does how you learn about your partner’s infidelity really matter?

Infidelity Discovered: Why S/he Won’t Tell Me the Truth?Upon discovery of infidelity there is often a strong need to know the details. What happened? When? Where? Why? etc.

The reasons for these questions are examined in my first article on this subject: “Infidelity: Why the Need to Know is so Strong.”

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