Affair Newsletter – Find Relief from the Pain of Infidelity

Dealing with adultery can be emotionally draining. Break Free From the Affair will teach you how to deal with the pain and agony of the affair in order to find relief and hope.

Following are some of the responses we received from our readers upon completion of Break Free From the Affair.

When asked how they found the ebook to be helpful, the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

  • It gave me the understanding of how it happened before my eyes without me realizing it, and helped me to understand better how it truly wasn’t my fault even though my wife readily blames me.
  • Your book and information have helped tremendously with just helping me to realize that there wasn’t anything I did or could have done to prevent it necessarily. It helped me to convince myself that I don’t have any fault in the affair and that it all belongs to her. She won’t accept it, but I know it does. Thanks for the help in a time of true need for calm and clear thinking.
  • Break Free From the Affair told me that the affair was NOT about me.
  • After my husband left me, I was desperate to find out what I needed to do for myself and maybe to get him to change his mind about the other girl. I used your book to identify the type of affair he was having, which turned out to be a mix of 3 different affairs. It helped me predict his behavior and understand what I needed to do to get him to think. I am just at the beginning of the whole situation. My husband left me about one month ago, but I feel empowered now even though he wants a divorce.
  • It helped me in dealing with the adultery by reminding me to take care of myself first and foremost. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the much needed guidance Dr. Huizenga.
  • Break Free from the Affair reminded me that I had a successful and happy life before my marriage and that his affair and my obsession with understanding WHY? made me forget I can be just fine on my own. Plus it had an address for Spyware that I am using to see if he deserves a ´second chance.´
  • I have learned that I have much more respect for myself. I deserve more than what I have received and therefore it is time to move on.
  • Just finished so its hard to say, It didn’t give me reassurance that we will get back. It did give me reassurance that my life will go on with or without her in it. Perhaps when the pain is gone it will be a richer more fulfilling life.
  • I was able to understand for the first time what type of affair I was dealing with and some of the do’s and don’t’s associated with it. I have a long road ahead of me, but this is something positive.
  • Helped me understand the affair so I can better work on myself. It reminded me of important questions to ask myself about the marriage.
  • I realize that I am doing exactly what was expected. The pain in my deep inner being gut wrenching pain was validated and as I read through the materials I gain insight on how and why I am going through these emotions.

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