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Extramarital Affairs often involve revenge. Learn more about the typical behaviors exhibited by someone involved in a revenge affair.

Find out what our readers have to say about how Break Free From the Affair helped them deal with the extramarital affairs facing them:

  • It helped to realize some of the things that I shouldn’t be doing, or have done.
  • There were a lot of insights in this book that I really appreciated. My self esteem has been affected, and it was nice to know that this is a normal reaction…but misguided. I was turning this whole thing around to where I had fault…but it truly is about my husband and the choices he’s made.
  • So far, I’ve read the introduction and the appendices as suggested. I have learned to change some things I am doing and, surprisingly, found that I am doing things that seemed counterintuitive. Thanks!
  • I joined the gym, started and weight loss program and started caring more about me!
  • It has helped me understand mostly, the “why”, in an affair. Also by knowing the “why”, I’ve been able to release a lot of the pain and guilt.
  • I have been trying to get off the band wagon that it was solely my fault…and I needed suggestions on how to communicate since he stares off into space or is very secretive even though he does not live with me…
  • It’s given me a sense of clarity about the ordeal and how to approach the situation in a more productive way.
  • I have learned so much about how to seek what I need and what I did need but was not getting. I have learned that I cannot continue to give give give to try and get back what I am needing. I still have so much more to learn!
  • So far it has been a God send and I am reading and re-reading all I can to get the help I need to get through and out of this!
  • It helped me to understand that it wasn’t my fault.
  • knowing that my situation is almost exactly outlined in the book helps me to feel that it is not hopeless.
  • Break Free From the Affair helped me to accept what happened to us. What caused the situation to happen. Now we are working on forgiveness. I also learned to be less emotional for the most part. I really loved the book and it has helped me a lot. I’m still working on the spouse, he is coming along slowly but surely, I believe. Thank you so much for your insight.
  • I gained strength of self, knowing I am NOT crazy, knowing I am NOT alone!!! Thank you!
  • Helped me identify the type of affair and distance myself from my personal pain by analyzing it as a “type” of behavior commonly committed by many people. Also helped me know what to expect from my spouse in terms of potential behaviors.

Extramarital Affair Type #5 Spews Revenge
by Dr. Huizenga – The Infidelity Coach

In my research, study and clinical experience over the past two plus decades, I’ve identified 7 distinct types of affairs.

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