Surviving Infidelity

Survive Infidelity and escape the misery of an extramarital affair with Break Free From the Affair

See how this ebook has helped others.

The following are testimonials from others dealing with adultery. Dr. Huizenga asked them how his ebook has helped them:

  • It helped me identify the type of affair my husband was having and validated my own arrival at becoming “neutral.”
  • In a time of chaos, it gave facts to help me deal with the situation, understand the type of affair my spouse is having, and useful tools to cope.
  • As the faithful spouse, it gave me some insight into the mind of a cheater. It offered some encouragement, and demonstrated that it was not all my fault.
  • The description of the seven different types of affairs were very useful. I was able to identify with two of them. That was useful.
  • I am so lucky to have found this book. Thank you from the bottom of my very broken heart!!!
  • From what I have read so far, you have got these issues excellently dealt with. Your knowledge of these situations is top shelf.
  • I felt that I was given more confidence to proceed with my life after reading your book. I found out what kind of affair my wife was having and it gave me hope to know that I can go on with my life and possibly even work it out with her after I have decided how I want my life to proceed. This book was a good motivation tool, and I have read it and re-read it many times already.
  • I got insight into what my husband could be thinking. Tools to help me to back off, and help me start thinking on improving myself.
  • It gave me an insight into different personality traits and made me think as to the formative reasons why these traits had developed.
  • After reading about the different types of and reasons for affairs, I really understood what was going on. Before, I thought it was me…what I’d done wrong or what I hadn’t done. I thought I had done something to ruin a great marriage and cause the affair. I lived with a tremendous amount of guilt. After reading your book and considering the events with a new perspective, I was able to stop feeling horrible guilt. I also found out I was doing everything wrong, which was making myself miserable and driving my husband further away. Now, with a new perspective, and insightful guidance, I’m not walking around with a heavy burden of misery ALL the time. Also, it was amazing that when I shifted my focus from constantly being on my husband, to being on myself, even after just a short time, my husband started moving back towards me.
  • It gave me ideas and some comfort because I really did not know what to do for the best. My husband and I had been through counseling but he had not intended for it to make any difference to him and there was no one else to give any advice – except personal advice which did not always apply to us – i.e. our personalities and particular situation.

Surviving Infidelity: Saving your Sanity and Maybe your Marriage

Overwhelmed. Confused. Depressed. Frozen. Numb. Excruciating Pain. Lost. Devastated.

These words often describe someone slammed with the reality of infidelity.

How do I survive this mess? How do I survive the angst and anguish of infidelity in my marriage?

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