Surviving infidelity – You CAN surive infidelity. Surviving infidelity is difficult, but possible. Learn how.

Survive infidelity by learning about how Break Free From the Affair has helped others

Real people, like you are gaining insight and power to survive and thrive through infidelity. Read what they say:

How was your situation helped by reading Break Free From the Affair?

  • It gave me insights on how to deal with a particular issue with the type of affair I can seemingly identify with. I really learned a lot from reading the part about be realistic with human foibles and how one should be willing to accept the mistakes that we all make and would like the same token for ourselves when facing a similar issue. That was powerful! It reminded me of the ‘Golden Rule’ Jesus spoke about, such as what you quoted, “it is better to give than receive or visa versa”? I thought the outline was great topics are easy to follow and analysis of the loophole from systems thinking model was awesome! I learned to be more calm, the neutral stance” when under extreme potential to lose ones cool when speaking with the cheater. I also learned to be more empathetic towards my spouse, which I do not feel very often.
  • Reassured me that what I thought of the affair was correct.
  • I have more understanding of why it happened, and how I should have reacted, but I think I might have done too much damage.
  • Gave me direction as to how to go forward in a bad situation.
  • Help me to realize the affair was not my fault. Also, I gained insight into my spouse and her continued affair.
  • Although I would have liked to work on the marriage, its helped me to understand that the odds are next to impossible
  • Helped me feel stronger
  • It was helpful to identify the type of affair so that I could have a realistic idea of whether my situation was hopeless. There is definitely some element of several types, but the information was extremely insightful and I have read several other books on infidelity. This was unique information.

Infidelity Discovered: “I Need My Space” – Say What…

by Dr. Huizenga – The Infidelity Coach

When infidelity rears its ugly face, the cheating spouse often explains his/her dilemma with the words, “I Need my Space!”

You ask a couple questions, i.e. why are you doing this? What’s going to happen? When will this end? etc. and the same ol’ response is, “I don’t know. I just need my space for a while.”


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