Affair Newsletter: Emotional Infidelity: More on Falling Out of “Love”

Emotional Infidelity: Falling in and out of “Love” Part II
by Dr. Robert Huizenga – The Infidelity Coach

Affair #4 as outlined in “Break Free From the Affair: I Fell Out of Love (and just love being in love)

Ah, the word “love.” What a loaded word.

Have you noticed how frequently and almost reverently the word “love” is thrown around when a couple bumps into their extramarital affair?

The wayward spouse often states, “I fell out of love. I don’t have the feelings for you I’m supposed to have. You are more like a friend than a wife/husband. I love you but am not ‘in love’ with you.”

The offended spouse often hangs on to the marriage with the proclamation that, even though his/her partner has forsaken him/her for someone else, s/he (the offended spouse) still very much “loves” his/her spouse and wants him/her back.

There is one kind of affair (I Fell out of Love…and just love being in love) where the perceived FEELING of being “in love” is paramount. This feeling means everything.

Usually one reports “falling out of love” and is truly disturbed by this shift.

Those old “romantic feelings” once experienced perhaps profoundly, seemingly disappeared in the marriage.

S/he (and this is not merely a female problem!) wants to “recapture” those feelings. It is thought that those “in love/romantic feelings” comprise the essence of a marital or highly invested relationship and if absent indicate a dysfunctional marriage or a marriage doomed to the boredom heap for the rest of one’s life.

The affair starts when one finds a “significant other” who stirs those dormant feelings and once again “feels in love.” S/he is determined not to “settle” for a less than ideal relationship, which means, of course, feeling the “in love” feelings.

Before we look at how to address such an affair, a couple points (and I have five more that I will share in other articles) about this kind of affair are important to consider:

Stop the agony of the affair!

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Eight Thorough Steps to Break Free From a Sexless Marriage?

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