Affair Newsletter – Emotional Infidelity: When Your Spouse Falls Out of Love with You

Emotional Infidelity: Falling in and out of “Love”
by Dr. Robert Huizenga – The Infidelity Coach

Hey, we’re just friends!

Back off is the message!

It starts out innocently enough. They may work together. Maybe neighbors. Maybe they serve on a civic or church committee together. Perhaps the children are involved in the same athletic/music event.

They meet. They talk. They Talk…and talk…and talk. More time together. More talk.

But, we’re just friends.

But, to you, it doesn’t FEEL like just friends.

They have an “emotional connection” that is obvious to you and others.

They see nothing wrong with it. Why is everyone so upset? We just talk. No sex. No touching. Nothing.

With this relational stalemate, several problems emerge:

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How in the world will my partner and I restore the trust back into our relationship?I recommend another resource to help you cope with infidelity. One of my online colleagues, Dr. Frank Gunzburg, offers a wealth of information that compliments Break Free From the Affair.

Dr. Gunzburg has done an amazing job of breaking down all
the steps that both the injured, the cheater and then the
couple need to go through if they want to heal their relationship.

He’s got 3 specific phases that he encourages his readers to go through and you can start the program even if your spouse isn’t willing.

You can read about Frank’s great material by using this link:
Please click for Frank’s great material

Resources from Dr. Huizenga Stop the agony of the affair! Find your strength and courage! Learn how to shake his/her world. Pinpoint the most powerful strategies to stop the affair. Learn exactly what to say and when to say it (according to one of the 7 different types of affairs). Get the highly acclaimed e-book, “Break Free From the Affair.”

Both of you are committed (well, mostly) to rebuilding the relationship. Learn how to rebuild trust slowly but surely. Learn how to avoid the “swirl” and eliminate judgments and put downs. Move beyond need-meeting. Go beyond confrontation. Go beyond making amends. Create a relationship appropriate for new intimacy. Get Dr. Huizenga’s e-book: Marriage Makeover.

Learn how to feel human again. Discover that your pain in NORMAL. Listen to others – perhaps in a situation identical to yours – poignantly express their confusion and pain and then in a few minutes begin to feel their strength and power to face their future, with or without him/her. These 19 Live Coaching Sessions with Dr. Huizenga will be your listening companion. You can take his words with you.

Must you talk through your problems? Some think them through. Talking through often leads to new strategies never previously considered. It increases your confidence and self esteem. Talking affirms that you really are OK, helps you move through the affair more quickly and begins the process of designing the life and relationships you truly desire. Contact Dr. Huizenga to set up coaching sessions that will rebuild YOU and keep you on the right track.

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