Affair Newsletter: Shocked and Caught Off Guard by What Was Underlying the Cheating and Lying

Shocked and Caught Off Guard by what was Underlying the Cheating and Lying

Wow! The Laser Coaching sessions are powerful.

I want you to take advantage of them. I guarantee that as you listen to the 15 minute tapes you WILL LEARN, you will FEEL AFFIRMED, you will SEE YOURSELF in one or more of the cases and hopefully you will take away a couple different strategies that just might change your life and relationship forever.

So you are confused and your feelings and thoughts jump all over the place? Well, you are not alone. And, you may ask, How in the world can anything happen in a 15 minute conversation, when I’m buried in this pit?

Believe me, there are themes and patterns, and I have often (not all the time) the ability to get at the core of these patterns. And once you are the core, the blinders fall away, you feel relief, you see the world differently and you know exactly what you can try differently and have a good idea of what the outcome.

I’m not bragging. This is my gift and my life is incomplete if I’m not using it. It is my responsibility. It is my purpose in life. I also have had over 25 years of intensive experience and training in this realm. A colleague once said of me, “You have the gift of being able to see the snake under the grass.” (I think that was a complement! Yes, it was!) I often see what others don’t. And that can make a huge difference. I get at the truth and where there is truth, there is freedom. And, we can speak the truth in love and mutual respect. I always value unconditionally the seeker of truth.

And, isn’t that what you are trying to do? Get at the truth? About your partner? About yourself? About your relationship?

These 15 minute segments powerfully get at the truth. And, in a couple of them, the truth is found in surprising places. Once the truth is pinpointed, decisions become easier, frustration diminishes, acceptance invades one spirit and there is hope – regardless of your circumstances or what your partner does!

Last week I recorded and sanctioned 6 tapes that touch on different issues. The first one is published in the Infidelity Insider.

The title of the first recording:

Shocked and Caught Off Guard by what was Underlying the Cheating and Lying

Content summary:

Lynnette discovers that his lying and cheating masks the grieving and inability to manage huge transitions in their married life.

Lynnette begins asserting herself by requesting he sleep in another bedroom – as long as he states “I don’t know why I do it (lie and cheat). I can’t help myself.”

This action stirs a firestorm of “deep conversations.”

The end of the coaching session raises within Lynnette two startling revelations that elicit profoundly deep feelings of sadness and relief.

I’ve gone over the other 5 tapes and these are the titles:

  • How “meeting his needs” backfired and Becky shifts to problemizing and targeting the truth – her last gasp.
  • How to deal with the teeth-clinching, locked-jaw frustration of being so close and yet so far away.
  • Can trust and honesty ever be the cornerstone for a rebuilt marriage, especially when he becomes starved for attention?
  • “Stepping outside the bubble” generates amazing strength and control in the face of his rage.
  • A secret from the past raises a new dilemma and a new set of questions.

This is YOUR opportunity to take advantage of Dr Huizenga’s expertise and years of experience and forge a new direction in your life.

This is also your opportunity to help others.

You know the impact of infidelity. You know the confusion. You know the pain. You know the sense of betrayal. You know that you can think of nothing else.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear others share a similar story and hear an expert walk through that story with him/her and create an ending that serves all?

That’s what we will have. Dr Huizenga is taping these sessions. Don’t fear! Once the session begins to flow, you will lose concern about the taping. These taped sessions will be made available online. This will prove to be a truly invaluable resource for anyone stumbling through infidelity. Yes, you can help. You can contribute.

Not all of the sessions will be placed online. Dr Huizenga will choose the most helpful sessions and place those online. If, after the session, you have serious reservations about the session made public, let Dr Huizenga know and the session will not be published.

If the slots are taken, you will be placed on a waiting list. Perhaps he will offer this again in the near future.

Take advantage of this great opportunity.

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