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The Break Free from the Affair ebook finally gave me some peace of mind and a roadmap to follow.
I was able to wade through a roller coaster with patience and understanding while the affair burned itself out. I didn’t have to do an ugly confrontation, but used little phrases like you suggested at specific times, then kept my mouth shut. This one was the “I fell out of love” one.
I just want you to know how comforting I’ve found “Break Free from the Affair.“ I am actually beginning to personally detach myself from this whole situation. There is no comparison between my present mental/emotional state today and just 3 weeks ago. I feel pretty confident to confront my husband now.
I don’t even know you, but you and your book have been a tremendous comfort to me! I am anxious to see how my husband responds to my newfound inner strength and assertiveness.
I read it Monday night and by Tuesday, I felt really good. I felt like I could control everything and not have him in my thoughts every second.
I actually feel a little better because it seems like such a practical tool.
I find your writings an incredible source of comfort. I find power in knowledge and you have helped me regain myself in all this mess.
As usual your information is right on the mark. It’s uncanny how your stuff seems to reach me just when I am looking for the information. It’s marvelous to read. It makes me feel normal again.
Regards Yvette
I reread it anytime I start feeling that things are getting out of control. It helps put things in perspective.
Already, I have started putting into practice the suggestions from your materials and usually feeling empowered.
Thanks for giving me back my sanity and assuring me that I am not deficient, the marriage was not horrible, etc.

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