Guy Gets Revenge on Wife With Cement Truck

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This video is hilarious. A cement truck driver decides to pop in on his wife. He peeks in the front window only to find her in an embrace with another man. The husband, clearly furious, begins pouring cement into the mysterious convertible in the driveway. When he returns to the window, he notices (in addition to the “other man”) the camera crew, a huge cardboard check, and the keys to the convertible she won.

The moral of this story….get your facts straight if you’re going to take revenge.

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34 Responses to Guy Gets Revenge on Wife With Cement Truck

  1. paulette says:

    Really didn’t do anything for me. Not in to revenge. Mostly sad.

  2. Irene says:

    Pretty funny! Horrible though that he jumped to the wrong conclusion there!

  3. Sara says:

    Glad to have seen that the wife was faithful. ☺ Bummer about the car.

    I wonder why he immediately jumped to that conclusion. Maybe she WAS really having an affair with someone else and making him think he was crazy by denying it. And he thought this was finally his proof.

    It’s always better to not immediate react to any proof (even real proof) you find. But in the heat of the moment of your heart breaking apart, it’s hard not to want immediate answers and/or revenge.

  4. Nancy says:

    Interesting how a kneejerk reaction and assumptions can truly make an ass of u and me when we assume!

  5. jackie says:

    agreed. this vid proves revenge is NEVER the answer.
    Evn if you took revenge and got away with it, it will catc up to you in another area of your life.

  6. Susan says:

    Didn’t really strike me as funny- he reaction was way too extreme and not believable for the situation

  7. Katie says:

    This is hilarious. It certainly can make u laugh and I’m sure that it could happen to anyone. I’d love to get even with the other woman though. She keeps saying that she isn’t seeing my Husbnad anymore and he says he’s not seeing her anymore too. But she keeps posting things online anyway to show that she really is still seeing him. Then she tries to make it as though I am bothering her when I post something to the things that she says.

  8. Olga says:

    There must of been prior cause for that kind of reaction. Jealousy is a reaction that grows and erode the mind. Once engaged it will send you into your Dark Side. The Dark Side has a way of sabotaging your choices in life and in turn makes it easy for you to do bad things. The choice should of been to have the courage to confront the situation at hand, find out the truth and then go from there. Then dump the cement…just kidding! There is my humor…

  9. Onecooltica says:

    Funny video. But does ease the pain for me.

  10. Barbara says:

    It was okay. I did get my mind off of my pain though for a moment.

  11. Shirley says:

    Obviously staged to be funny, too slapstick/corny to be real. Who would jump to conclusions that quickly? Not if it was a real, functioning marriage. But it does make you want to stop and think and get the facts before you go too far. But it made the guy look dumb and that’s an insult on the face of it. So his wife will be outsmarting him soon, somehow…

  12. Shelley says:

    Things are not always what they appear to be!

  13. R.K says:

    I thought he was crazy for going out there. Cheater are never happy, my spouse did me a favor, by becoming someone else problem.

  14. ces says:

    It is better not to jump to conclusions. I have doubts about why he would react so strongly so quickly?

  15. ran says:

    too bad!! he should have waited and confronted. oooh! what a mess!

  16. Sandra Munoz says:

    I do not think that revenge is the right thing to do.

  17. Sandra says:

    I enjoyed this video shows how easily we can jump to conclusions once we have been hurt and decieved by the one we love. He did something that I bet a lot of us wish we could do, but don’t have the courage to do to the person that is hurting us. A lot of times we are angry at the one that is cheating with our spouse and we should only be angry and hurt by our spouse because they are the ones that are in actuality cheating on us. THE OTHER PERSON IS NOT MARRIED TO US. FUNNY AND CUTE VIDEO

  18. makeba says:

    Typical of men?

  19. Ho Pek Yin says:

    I don think it’s funny.I was betrayed & I know the feeling of distrust. He acted to fast & was not thinking

  20. Gab says:

    Not realistic but kind of funny. Did not do much for me. A broken heart or at least mine wants real revenge to ruin a car would be nothing compared to the ruin caused by his infidelity.

  21. mary says:

    I found it very funny. Too bad he was wrong! (hahaha). I often find myself fantasizing and playing out entire scenes of revenge but that’s as far as I’ll go. Nothing I could do would compare anyway. Sometimes I wish I had the guts but I also like being the better person. I’m so much more attractive than the OW and I’m pretty sure she already feels like crap everytime she looks in the mirror! lol :)

  22. Mrs.S says:

    Besides the poor quality, I didn’t find it that funny. I’m tired of even the prospect (hint)of infidelity being material used in a JOKE. I’d like to see the movies & 1/2 hour citcoms reflect a little more morality, too.

  23. flora says:

    Its unfortunate this was done to a wrong guy. Pity.

    Well suppose it was true who would not wantto do that especially those who have been true victims of infidelity no pain can measure up to this.Well not every one can afford that. In the heat of the moment who would not think of doing that. Especially when you consider how much pain one experiences when being cheated on. consider the selfish attitude of the cheater and the other partiner. I am sure this would be a perfect revenge of a life time.

  24. DP says:

    Cute video, would that all suspicions ended up being unfounded. I never wanted to hurt my wife, but sometimes am sorry that her boyfriend got away without having the affair disclosed to his wife. Don’t know if that’s a desire for vengeance or justice.

  25. mary says:

    Yeas ago, one of my friends caught her husband, found out where the other woman lived…and drove over to her house. Then she deliberately smashed her car into her husbands car…out in front of the other woman’s home. The husband and other woman came running out of the house to see the crash

    (I must admit a part of me enjoyed hearing about her revenge)

    Anyway, they eventually saved their marriage.

  26. knotit says:

    yep get the facts.

  27. Corryn says:

    I wish I knew where the OW lived I would probably do something stupid too:) I really do dream about it but dont do anything as I believe in my hearts that God will not let it go un-noticed. I really am trying to believe that what we reap we sow!! Its just all so hard to stand back and let it take its natural course!!

  28. Mark says:

    Its funny. For those of you taking it too serious – get over it! Not only get over taking slapstick video’s too literally, but get over being too sensitive. Yes infidelity hurts. It s#@%$, but you have to breathe, live, laugh and eventually love.

  29. Missy says:

    I agree with Mark. It is funny! I’m afraid that I am revengeful and would do the same if I had a truck load of cement! Serves the wife right–he caught her in the arms of another man! It’s not as if the other man had a choke hold on her and she could not get away. I put the blame on my husband for his one night stand. He is old enough and smart enough to say NO!!!

  30. LANE says:

    It was cute. But I agree with those who talked about not feeling amused when we’re aching and struggling from a broken heart. After 6 months to the day of finding out about my spouse’s year-long affair, I’m beating myself up for having “taken” my spouse back and myself returning to the marriage.

    I believe there has not been a total break from ending the relationship with “the other person”. Plenty of clues, clever and crafty “explanations” being a damn good liar and broken promises to reform and return to the marriage in full force lead me to interpret all these “signals” and accord myself the right to “jump to conclusions”. But I charge neutral, knowing I have my deadline in mine (end of this year) to re-evaluate where we are. I don’t really have hope.

    They say miracles can happen. We’ll see if it’s true for me here. I’ll keep trying to laugh when all I want to do is cry. On to the next video.

  31. broken hearted says:

    i wish this video made me laugh or big joy to my heart.. i am just crushed. although our “marriage is saved,” I don’t believe anything he says or does. I question every phone call and text message. I’ve lost all sense of trust. I miss living a worry free life. I am numb all over and my stomach churns non stop. my heart is bleeding and my mind is racing. i cannot believe he did this to me. what happened to owning up to the truth and just saying i don’t want to be with you anymore. he tells me he loves but i don’t believe him. how do i know he is still not talking to her? what proof do i have? how can i ever trust again?

    i want to leave him but i have precious children and i don’t want to punish them because of his stupid mistake. i am stuck in a rut. i have to put a smile on my face and act like i “forgave” to move on with life. i guess being divorced has it’s challenges, so might as well stay. at least my kids are happy. i give up all hope of every trusting or loving deeply again.

    if someone out there got through this, please let me know. i have no hope .. no hope.. :( i wanna sleep agian, eat agian, laugh again, love again. it’s been one month from the day of discovery and the pain is as sharp as ever :(

  32. Chris says:

    Made me laugh on a gloom filled morning. I did something like that (nothing like as extreme) not as revenge but in an attempt to de-stabilize. Didn’t work though. Was glad I did it after though because it was about then he got her pregnant so it retrospectively became revenge.

  33. penne says:

    Sad truth is once someone lies repeatedly and is found out you can never really trust them again. There’s always that little nagging voice inside saying maybe his nice words are not true either

  34. Angie says:

    Interesting. Jealousy, Doubt, and mistrust become an ADDICTION. Look into OCD and unwanted thoughts and you will see many similarities. I have had trouble with OCD and to find my husband cheated IS devestating and I have had to deal with mistrust the same way i’ve dealt with bad unwanted OCD fears/thoughts. REFUSE TO LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF DOUBT.

    I know that seems dumb to some, but if you choose to stay, you must refuse to listen. Remember that when you truly do not have the facts, you create FICTIONAL FANTASIES when you assume something bad or think that immediately your spouse is lying.

    It probably helps me that I know that he loves me, but it doesn’t help the doubt. BUT I have CHOSEN to believe that he is “clean” now. It is so easy to do “checking” and “analysing” in my brain, but believe me no good comes of it and it PULLS YOU INTO A DOWNWARD SPIRAL. STOP STOP STOP.

    It is total act of WILL. Yes, I have bad days, but they lessen with time. If you choose to stay in a relationship, I mean REALLY WANT TO STAY WITH YOUR SPOUSE, you MUST CHOOSE TO BELIEVE. It can be hard at first, but the more you practice belief, it does get easier with time. It’s been 4 months for me, and it fades more and more each day. IF you don’t, it will drive you crazy.

    this video shows PERFECTLY how this guy’s FICTIONAL FANTASY got the best of him.

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