The Emotional Affair

Emotional Affair

Most commonly refer to it as an emotional affair. The emotional affair best corresponds to my affair type #4 (out of 7 unique types of affairs): “I Fell out of Love…and just love being in love.

Here is an interview of a psychiatrist who talks about the emotional affair.

It is a good overview of the characteristics of an emotional affair, and might be helpful for someone who feels an attraction to someone and questions whether s/he is engaged in this type of affair.

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7 Responses to The Emotional Affair

  1. fina says:


    I think i that is interesting video. I learned about this emotion affair.
    Thank you very much for share this video. it is great thing to learn about emotion affair.


  2. Goran says:

    Yes, it is very informative to hear basic things involved in emotional affair. My experience is exactly the one that was described with my spouse getting distant, deceiving and eventually full blown agresive towards me since clearly engaging into full blown affair.
    Denial, pain, secrecy and eventual ruining of our marriage was due to her emotional affair with the married person co-worker, which affair, most likely is continuing even after almost a year.
    Thank you for sharing this video
    Goran, South Africa

  3. joyce says:

    Thanks, I’ll share this video with my husband. He’s having a hard time understanding why I have a problem with his long-standing close “friendship” which he wants to call a social “habit”. Somehow that doesn’t sound any better, does it?

  4. Frances says:

    Great video & right to the point. I discover my husband having and emotional affair, which I’m 99% sure turned into full blown affair, with my “so called girl friend”. We went for marriage counseling which did not work out. Now one & a half year later he is still denying it saying that they were just friends & he was venting. He also has a Nacissistic PD which I found out in the meantime. Blames his behaviour on me and everybody else. I moved out a year ago & am ready to call it quit. He stoped the affair but is still lying & I don’t intend to live like this, with a cheater & liar for the rest of my live

  5. Robyn says:

    This happened to my marriage. My husband had an emotional affair for 5 years. Coffees, drinks, phone calls, texts. I did not know about the existence of this other woman during that whole period. I just knew things weren’t right. It turned into a full sexual affair, and he finally fessed up. We are not together any more but he still can’t see that he did anything wrong for that 5 years.


    I have been reading all the posts in your website. Some I find helpful some are so so.

    My husband of 23 years had an emotional affair with an old classmate. They both denied it when I discovered text messages (by accident) and even calls on his cellphone and later incriminating evidence in his email.

    They both denied it and am not sure if they have really stopped it because my husband changed his Cell numbers. He has learned to trash emails and text messages after sending them. Now he is into Viber and spends all his waking hours on his phone or his laptop. I feel so insecure. I don’t really know what he is doing but I dont want to go through the emotional pain of discovering that he is cheating me again. I have become distant to him and treats him just like a companion and lover.

    I feel I’m in an unhealthy relationship. I’m so unhappy.

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